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Haifeng GONG




Work Experiences

Senior Software Engineer, Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA 2011 - Now
  1. Creative Automation team of Google Display Ads
  2. Spelling team of Google Search.
Postdoctoral scholar, in GRASP Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania , PA, USA 2009 - 2011
  1. Video Analysis
Postdoctoral scholar, in Department of Statistics, University of California Los Angeles , CA, USA 2007 - 2009
  1. Video Analysis
  2. Video content extraction and composition
  3. Object Recognition
Team leader in Lotus Hill Instute, Ezhou, Hubei, China, Aug. 2006 - 2007
  1. Trackability of visual motions
  2. Unified theory for video understanding
  3. Video surveillance
Research Assistant in NLPR, Institute of Automation, CAS, Sep. 2003 - Jul. 2006
  1. Generalized Scale Space Optical Flow: generalized Horn-Schunk optical flow to multi-dimensional multi-channel image, and applied it to scale space optical flow
  2. Intrinsic Manifold Matching: matching scattered image data to a Stiefel manifold with some anchor points given
  3. Neural Network for Manifold Learning: using neural network to model high dimensional nonlinear image data
  4. Image Fusion on Gradient Field: using gradient field to fusion low resolution color image and high resolution grayscale image to produce a color image with high resolution
  5. Boostcvpr - initiated a project on SourceForge(TM): computer vision and pattern recognition library based on boost C++ library. (http://boostcvpr.sourceforge.net/)
Research Assistant in Wuhan University of Technology, Sep. 2000 - Jun. 2003
  1. MIS - involved in several management information systems, including ERP for optics production manufacturer, educational administration information system of WHUT and fleet logistic system.
  2. Simulation - took part in the developing of a hybrid vehicle performance simulation system.

Professional Activity


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