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SXJ: A gtalk-bot demo.

Shortest path: a C++ meta-programming implementation of Bellman shortest path.

Libraries for Computer Vision Research

I am now preferring C++, template and generic programming. So I recommend the following libraries for computer vision research:
  1. Basic data structures and algorithms: Boost (not the boosting in computer vision). Boost has a large collection of very useful and elegant organized data structures and algorithms. Among them, I am familar with:
  2. Computer vision algorithms, there are several options
  3. Visualization, which is very important for computer vision algorithm debugging
I am now use the combination: ublas+OpenCV+plplot, which can collaborate to mimic the Matlab functionality.
I hosted a project call boostcvpr on sourceforge, implemented a collection of computer vision algorithms using boost data structure.
I once participated in scl, an image processing library.

Development Enviroments

I am familar with these tools.
  1. VC (6, 7, 8)
  2. GCC, make, real C++ programming
  3. CMake, cross platform making
  4. C++Builder, Delphi
  5. This website is developed in and hosted by Google Appengine.

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